Daily Schedule
Daily TOST operations will be posted here on the campaign website the evening before. Generally, the elements of each day's operations are summarized in table 2.2. Specifically, the execution of each element of the mission and the relevant flight tracks and instrument operating modes and special procedures will be posted on the website.

Latest daily schedule, updated Mar 14:
Deployment Schedule
Feb 15 Langley Team departs Norfolk VA

Feb 16 Check out offices in hangars for aircraft
and instrument teams

Feb 17 Set up offices and conduct comm checks
with participating facilities

Feb 19 ER-2 arrive Hickam

Feb 20 Down-day. Hazmat (dimethylhydrazine fuel)
briefing to Hickam Fire Dept

    Daily Operations Schedule Begins

Feb 21 First available measurement flight day

Mar 12 Last available measurement flight day and THORPEX departure day

Mar 13 WSRP deployment ends